Garage Safety Tips

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One of the most dangerous parts of the home can be the garage. People often don’t fully think of these dangers until it is too late, which is why I am recommending these easy tips to prevent accidents in the home. These safeties will make you feel safer and in more control of your garage and prevent anyone else, such as children, from hurting themselves.

Separate Tools from Toys
Creating a work section and a children’s section for your garage will prevent mistakes and mishaps. Sometimes, young children can confuse tools and toys, simply because they don’t know better. By sectioning off a space for them in the garage, they will learn to only look in that area for their toys. For the tools section, make sure to place items on higher shelves or mount them up high on walls to prevent wandering hands from getting into it. Another way to help prevent injuries is to sit your children down and have a serious discussion with them. Kids will have a better time understanding not to go near dangerous tools if it’s explained to them as such. Plus, it will give you a chance to start serious conversations with your kids so that they can learn how to be safe.

Another mistake people make is not accounting for ventilation is necessary. Garages rarely have windows, so it’s important to leave the door open when dealing with dangerous fumes. Dangerous fumes can come from your car exhaust, paints, or chemicals. Whenever strong fumes are present, it’s important to leave the garage door or any windows open for ventilation to prevent health damages. Fumes can cause damage to the eyes or the respiratory system. It’s possible to cause death as well if someone faints from the fumes and is left exposed to them for an extended period of time. If you feel faint while around these fumes, it’s highly recommended that you seek fresh air and immediately stop what you are doing until you can adjust your ventilation.

Properly Use a floor jack
One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen in garages is that people don’t fulling understand how to properly use a floor jack. Accidents happen because people assume how the tool works, and completely miss one of the most important steps. When using a best aluminum floor jack, it is important to use a rubber stopper, block of wood, or a cinder block behind the rear wheels. This acts as a stopper for the car so that when you lift it off the ground, it won’t be at risk of rolling off the floor jack and then crushing you underneath.

Garage safety may be on the back of your mind, but don’t let it become something to address after the matter. Always be prepared. This will keep you and your family safe. Keep in mind that a safe garage means more than you know, and knowing the safety steps will make it so much easier for you. With a safe garage, you’ll be able to prevent accidents from ever happening.

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